Angie from Littleton

Angie from Littleton writes:
I’ve just gone through a devastating family loss, and was lucky to recently hear Shawn Colvin perform “Killing the Blues”.  Thanks for such a beautiful song!  It seems so sad, but not hopeless.  You had to know it would affect people, but how did you expect it to leave people feeling?

Roly: Angie…well I am sorry to hear that you came into such a sad and difficult time.  If any song at all could help even one person in their unique time of sorrow…then that song will have succeeded as a contribution.  “Killing The Blues” just came to me one blue morning…I don’t recall considering the effect it was going to have on anyone while it was taking shape or how it would leave anyone feeling.   I wrote it a long time ago after someone I loved very much would not stop using a certain drug that was sure to doom her eventually.  Which it did.  We’d reached an unspeakable impasse and there was nothing to do except part company.  The song talks about gaining…holding on and then losing.  During those three general phases a different sort of blues gets killed for various reasons.  The last one implies that there will be more to come in life even when we are suddenly alone.  While you’re trying so hard to grasp what’s nearly unfathomable you may get an objective and hopeful report from someone about yourself as I did and it may lend a little support in some way.  As you put it…any light that helps shine you a way out of hopelessness is a wonderful thing.  Music is one of the best things I know for it.

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