Information about my Prints

Information about my Prints


Prints of the watercolor paintings are created at 100 percent of their original size using the Giclee method of reproduction.  Giclee is the best method for replicating watercolor in particular.  As it draws from an infinite color spectrum,  the result  is very smooth and accurate in its placement of pigment.  The prints are done on sturdy Arches archival grade watercolor paper and are virtually identical in atmosphere, complexion, and material to the original works.  Color permanency is pegged one at hundred years.  Sizes bigger or smaller than the originals are produced at no extra cost.  Personally signed and dedicated prints are also available and will require slightly longer shipping times.  Prints are shipped insured directly from the printer inside sealed cardboard tubes and take ten to fourteen business days.  To purchase, please follow the prompts accompanying each image.


if you love to do something you’ll be making plans to get at that thing…either actively or secretly orchestrating behind your own back or while you’re asleep.  hook or by crook.  sometimes that’s how i manage to locate myself and my watercolor rig.  outdoors is my place of choice for painting.  you can find yourself standing somewhere without really understanding what put you there.  but who cares?  the point is that you’re off to the races.  i love the way color looks when the sun is shining…when it isn’t shining…just before it starts shining…after it’s gone…when the streetlights are on..or off…anytime.  bad-looking things are everywhere so i hope for paintings that are beautiful.  thankyou for coming….i appreciate your visit here.  rs



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